How to Survive the Month of Your Wedding

Wedding planning can be one of the most stressful times of your life. What starts off as you being on cloud 9 after engagement can quickly turn into a whirlwind of worry and stress. Between funding your wedding, guest list drama and finding the perfect dress, things can get absolutely crazy.

The month before your wedding is typically THE most stressful time. Aside from trying to ensure that your dress will fit how you want it to, you get hit with many important decisions. The brides who are usually caught the most off guard are the ones who  have wedding venues that handle all of the details because when the month mark hits…BOOM…you get hit with all of these daily and weekly calls from vendors, bridesmaids and guests. Then there is also handling the RSVPs, seating charts and last minute problems that come up.

I wish I had had a one month game plan before my wedding because it would’ve saved me a lot of time and trouble. With that being said, allow me to give you FOUR tips that will help you survive the month before your wedding.

1- Take Care of Yourself

Want to hear something crazy? Almost every single bride I’ve known through the years has gotten sick before her wedding, usually 1-2 weeks before. In fact, thinking about it now, I can’t think of ONE of my friends who wasn’t sick the month of her wedding. I got sick two weeks before my wedding and it was MISERABLE. 

There are three main reasons for why brides get sick:

Lack of rest due to a combination of late nights making important decisions and long hours at the gym (gotta look good in that dress, after all)
Stress caused from thinking about all the things you have to get done
Lack of eating properly, mainly because there’s no time to cook, which forces us to rely on a lot of take out

Here are three things you can do to prevent getting sick or physically worn out:

Boost your immune system

There are so many over the counter immune boosters out there. The one I always use is Emergen-C, but what has worked best for me through the years has always been green juice and green smoothies. I blend all my smoothies for the week on Sunday (takes about 30-35 minutes), freeze them and then drink them throughout the week

Eat well and don’t eat junk

If you don’t have time to meal prep, make sure you’re choosing healthy options from restaurants (lots of veggies)

Schedule time for yourself

Schedule some time to relax. It can be anything that involves you relaxing! It might be something outdoors involving fresh air or maybe having a picnic with your future spouse or even watching a sunrise or sunset. Block out some time for you to do whatever it is that helps you relax. You need to re-energize and prevent yourself from burning out.

2- Don’t Neglect your relationship

Engagement season can be a time of great stress in a relationship. Between having to compromise on big decisions and battling family opinions, it can wear you down. Make sure during this time that you schedule regular date nights where you’re not allowed to talk about wedding planning AT ALL. Intentionally discuss other topics that don’t involve wedding stuff. A lot couples find that they fight a lot about wedding details, so you’ll have to be proactive in guarding your relationship during this time.

3- Don’t do it alone!

The month of your wedding is the time when your Bridal Party needs to step up their A game. If you have a proactive BP, they’ll be more than willing to help out with plans and they’ll be asking you for things to do. If they aren’t as proactive, do NOT be afraid to ask for help. You’ll get stressed out if you do everything yourself.  Delegating responsibility will not only ease your mind, but it’ll get things done faster AND include those friends and family members who want to be apart of the experience.

4- Have a Plan for Finalizing Decisions

It will really help you to have a plan or even some kind of check list that says everything you need to do the last  month of your wedding. The main thing you’ll be doing during this time is finalizing and confirming details. Below you’ll find a categorical list of everything you need to do the month of your wedding.

In order to help ease your 30 day path to marriage, I created a FREE printable just for you! Scroll down to find it! 


  • Finalize hair and makeup
  • Always have a back up hairstyle just in case you need to switch it up (weather changes, hair issues, etc.)
  • Finalize bridal outfit: dress, undergarments, shoes, accessories
  • Finalize departure outfit
  • Create a honeymoon packing list and start to pack
  • Attend your final dress fitting
  • Decide on your wake up outfit (what will you wear while you’re getting your makeup and hair done?)
  • Day of Wedding schedule (BP wake up times, shower times, hair and makeup time, etc.)
  • Book beauty appointments: nails, wax, massage, etc.


  • Chase down missing RSVPs (delegate this task to bridal party)
  • If you haven’t already, put your yes RSVPs into categories so that it’ll be easier to seat them. Ex: work friends, childhood family, bride’s family *categorize RSVP cards by color*
  • Work on and finalize the seating chart
  • Finalize hotel bookings (delegate)
  • Get a final head count and give that information to the venue


  • Final meeting with whoever is handling the decor:
    • Table settings (linens, napkins, chairs, glassware, cutlery, plates, o)
    • Centerpieces
    • Favors
    • Ceremony decor
    • Any outstanding equipment needed?
    • Final meeting with florist


  • Meet with Officiant to finalize the order of the service
    • Music
    • Readings
    • Vows
  • Finalize program
  • Finalize procession
  • Brief the ushers on reserved seating sections


  • Send out payments
  • Confirm bookings
  • Finalize arrival times and contact person (at the venue + at the wedding)
  • Finalize transportation
  • Have a final meeting with caterer

Photo + Video

  • Create a list of photos that you want to take and who will be in those photos. Then designate a wrangler (usually the MOH or BM) to gather people for the photos


  • Finalize playlist
  • Finalize entrance music (ceremony + reception)


  • Put all important documents in a folder and in a safe place
    • Passports
    • Tickets
    • Itinerary copies
    • American embassy locations
    • PDF scan of passport to leave with your family/friends in case of emergency
  • Arrange all pick ups and drop offs
  • Create a packing list and finish packing
  • Order foreign currency for destination
  • Call credit card companies and inform them that you’ll be out of the country

All Prints

  • Put Placecards in designated order for tables
  • Print programs
  • Print speeches
  • Print itineraries for the BP and all necessary people

Clean up

  • Who is cleaning up the venue and packing purchased items
  • Who’s collecting leftover items
  • Who’s cleaning up the bride’s hotel room

City Hall/Legal stuff

  • Get your marriage certificate
  • Bring it to the wedding and have it signed
  • Change your name at banks/show copy of the marriage license so that you won’t have any issues depositing checks (I learned this from my time as a Bank of America employee)
That about sums up all of the big things you’ll need to get done the last month before your wedding. Don’t let this big list scare you, Engagement and wedding planning can be amazing if you are intentional about the things you need to get done.

Click HERE for your free checklist and let me know how it helps you! Your Action item for today is to go and fill out your wedding checklist so that you can be ahead of the game for the last 30 days before you say I do!