The Preggo Diaries

I’m pregnant.

In typical Gabby fashion, this means that I’m launching a new section of my blog. As always, I like to write with transparency about the season of life I’m experiencing at the moment in an effort to provide some laughs and hopefully, comfort and assistance to those going through similar seasons or about to go through them. Along the way, I like to share lessons learned so that hopefully you can benefit.

I’ve been pregnant for 13 weeks now. It’s very surreal at times and I cannot believe that there’s a little human growing inside of me. I’ve known I was pregnant since Week 4 and it was terrifying at first to know so early, mainly because no one else knows yet. It’s also too early for most OBs to see you (most won’t see you until 8 weeks) and the baby is SO vulnerable. It’s absolutely terrifying, and only other moms and pregnant women can truly understand that feeling.

Jason and I were ecstatic when we first found out about the baby. It wasn’t an accident, after all. We had started trying a few weeks earlier (more on that in a future post). The excitement, joy and fear that grips you the moment you feel that you are going to become a parent is unable to truly be put into words.

The first trimester holds so many different fears for both mom and dad, from hoping the baby’s heart keeps beating, to what will happen during the birth, to how you’ll afford a baby (they’re SO expensive). It can be overwhelming if you try to handle all of this fear by yourself.  The biggest lesson that I needed to learn during this season has been to trust God with my baby’s life. It hasn’t been easy. Everyday I have had the same prayer, “Jesus, please let this little heart keep beating.” From day 1, I kept hearing God whispering into my heart and mind two simple words, “trust me.” I’ve had no choice but to listen and obey. I’ve had to learn to trust that God is in control and I have to be okay with whatever his will is. This journey of trust isn’t easy but it yields beautiful results.

Jason and I waited three and half years before trying for a baby. In those three and a half years, we traveled the world, served, enjoyed each other and had fun on different adventures. In these three and a half years we were able to get out and do all of the things we set out to do, which was our goal before having children. We were able to find our groove as a couple and work out our issues so that we could focus on being good parents.

I’ve realized that everyone’s journey is different. Some couples have babies right after their honeymoon and it’s perfect for them. Some people wait ten years and that is perfect for them. Don’t ever let anyone pressure you into have children before you’re ready. No one can decide your journey aside from you, your spouse and God.

I heard my baby’s heartbeat at just 6 weeks pregnant and I saw the heartbeat at 5 (it was too small to hear). Hearing that beating heart every single time makes me completely in awe of God. As a girl who had surgery last year and from it discovered that I had Endometriosis, there were so many days when I feared that I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant or that it would take a long time. Then look what God did, he allowed me to get pregnant as soon as we started trying. Typical God.

No matter what your situation is, remember two things:

First, that God always hears your prayers and will answer them.

Second, that trusting God is the best option to take in EVERY situation. Keep trusting, never lose hope and continue to serve him no matter what comes your way.

 I’ll be posting something to the Preggo Diaries section biweekly, so stay tuned for funny and encouraging stories. I’m only 3 months in and already have a ton of stories to share!